A single girl’s love of kayaking

I can no longer remember my first kayaking experience. Well, at least when it was. Definitely before 2004. Maybe 2003? I had gone to Lake Sonoma with a friend and we paddled around the Yorty Creek beach area for about 15 minutes. In this short time, I fell in love. It wasn’t until May 2007 that I  bought my own boats and paddled again. In between that time, I pined. I longed. I lusted. After a break-up with man who owned kayaks and never took me out on the lake, I made a trek to REI, where I bought two Ocean Kayak Venus 11s and all necessary accessories. I figured it was cheaper than therapy and a better way to heal a broken heart than eating, drinking or dating.

And thus it began: my journey as a single girl kayaker.