Kayaking—sometimes it’s about paddling; sometimes it’s about being on the water…

Kayaking has become my zen-thing. When I glide across water like glass, watching the ripples and the reflections, life, no matter how challenging or confusing, always makes sense. Being on a lake or river allows me to connect with bald eagles, osprey, egrets, herons, fish, turtles, and raccoons as I paddle. I become grounded. I breathe more deeply. I remember who I am.

This is the “therapy” I want to share with women. Too often, we think we “can’t” because of gender roles and stereotypes: we have full-time jobs, away from and at home; we have significant others and children; we have “responsibilities” to everyone and everything—except to ourselves. I never thought I would own kayaks or that I’d even be able to use one on my own. I’ve always loved being on the water, but having a boat was never a life-long dream. Looking back to 2007, I realize that I was stepping outside my comfort zone in a big way when I started kayaking. I didn’t know what I was doing or how I was going to do it. I just did it—and I’ve never regretted it.

My goals for this website is to share my experiences, rate places to paddle, and give women the courage to step outside of their comfort zone and follow their inner compass to themselves.

About Me:
My name is Michelle Rene. I’m a native Californian who grew up in McCloud and Mt. Shasta, and thus began my love of the natural world, including lakes and rivers. I’m a single mother of two adult children, guardian to three cats, and a writer. Currently, my day job is in local government. Beyond kayaking, my passions include reading, writing, cooking, baking, art, social activism, and the environment. If all things were equal, I would travel the world and kayak on all the kayak-able waters available.

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